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ERP System Selection process; How to select an ERP Software in India?

Published on 2012/08/22, by in Uncategorized.

Author: Monica Rai

Did your organization just “think” of buying an ERP Software? Well Congratulations!! You have taken a decision which executed correctly will simplify your life in a major way. However be prepared for the turbulence it will cause in your business for the next 1 year or so till the time you are Live on the ERP System. At the same time be also prepared for an implementation failure as a majority of ERP implementations are a failure one way or the other. How your experience is depends upon how did you go about your selection process. Selection of an ERP Software is not so simple as it would seem. You can ask so many people who selected the ERP System and went through a rigorous or less rigorous ERP evaluation process. Here are a few of the Guidelines for the ERP evaluation process.

Establish the need for an ERP Software: This is the first step where a substantial number of organizations falter in ERP evaluation. And if you do falter here its needless to say what follows is a comedy of errors. Here are some of the common reasons that which provoke people to buy an ERP system.

  • Everyone is buying it
  • IT will make me do my work in a jiffy
  • ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and that sounds jazzy
  • You read this great article on the net which says I could cut down cycle times by over 50%
  • ERP is a great integration tool and my organization doesn’t have integration
  • If I buy an ERP my organizational efficiencies will grow. (Ever wondered how many people can define this jargon called Organizational efficiencies)
  • ERP would mean increased profits

If you ask us, if you get all the information that you need (We hope that you know what you need) in a reasonable amount of time if not in seconds… Don’t invest your time and money in an ERP software. You should select and buy an ERP only if your organization’s information needs are not being met in terms of Quality and Time. Read more…


Realizing the Potential of Your ERP

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Author: Sunil Jagani

8 Reasons Why Businesses are Failing to Fully Utilize Their ERP Systems and How to Fix Them

Companies are investing a great deal in adopting new ERP solutions, sometimes tens of millions of dollars, hoping to achieve the promised results of increased productivity, better decision-making, and more accurate processes. However, recent surveys are showing that many companies are underutilizing their ERP solutions, failing to maximize the potential to create a positive return on their investment. A recent Accenture survey of 300 senior IT professionals at the largest 2,000 companies in North America and the United Kingdom revealed these startling figures:

• 31% use their ERP system in half or less of the organization
• 64% use their ERP system’s core functions
• 19% have fully integrated their ERP system with customer systems
• 50% bought ERP systems that where they only needed half of the systems’ capabilities
• 20% don’t make use of all functionality due to lack of training

There are many ERP horror stories out there about exploding costs, the frustrations of change, and losing control of the business. Sometimes the hassle of an ERP can become so great that a company may throw it in the trash and cut their losses. The reasons why things go awry here are plentiful. This article will discuss 8 common mistakes businesses make that prevent them from fully realizing the potential of their investment and how you can fix or avoid those pitfalls. Read more…


Web Conferencing: Virtual Meetings Made Easy

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Author: Steven Long

Do you need to connect with business colleagues and clients in an engaging yet efficient way without the hassle of traveling? If so, web conferencing could be a valuable tool for you. A relatively new communications phenomenon, web conferencing offers numerous benefits and advantages that could help you move your company to the forefront of the business world.

Deliver Messages Effectively

In the modern business world, it’s essential to get your point across in a clear and convincing manner. Without good communication, your company will not be able to reach its full potential for success and productivity. On the hand, quality communication can help to move your business forward and to boost its success. By making use of web conferencing to connect with peers and clients, you will be able to deliver messages effectively and efficiently.

Build Strong Relationships

Another key to success in any industry is building and maintaining strong relationships with both colleagues and clients. When you are successful in this arena, all aspects of your business will benefit. Web conferencing can help you to create strong bonds with others by allowing you to communicate with them in a personal and engaging way, even when you are separated by long distances. It can also help meeting participants in different locations put faces to names and to work together in an interactive way, creating a better dynamic and allowing for a better overall meeting experience. Whether you need to foster good working relationships among your employees or to maintain a solid connection with overseas clients, web conferencing is a highly valuable communications tool. Read more…


New Trends in Mobile Communications

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Author: Monty Alexander

Mobile is such a vast term which opens up to all kinds of technologies and interfaces and makes them portable. The convergence of technologies into this device has made mobile communications reach new heights. Dialing a call or messaging is not the only way to communicate with people. The emergence of 3G has integrated technologies, products and services into aiming at making the user communication easier, thus opening up more and more options for communications.

With business people engaged on to their e-mails not risking on their global clientele, the mobiles have started supporting various e-mailing interfaces to keep the user connected to his business. The e-mailing options have been made completely mobile by also allowing the user to attach files and documents he has worked upon in his Office applications, which are also installed onto his mobile. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which allows users to transfer data amounting to small video clips and images wirelessly, have now advanced to EDGE technology which helps to transfer bigger files at a faster pace. Bluetooth technology has been a boon in the wireless field. Bluetooth has enabled access to larger files, applications and also made listening to music wire free. But it has its own limitations within the area it covers. With the zest to make the device more user-friendly came in the Wi-Fi enabled phones which could connect to the internet over the selected Wi-Fi hot spots. Even in India by the next decade Wi-Fi spots are being planned in colleges, campuses, coffee shops and business parks. Thus the Wi-Fi enabled phones are the next in target for the users seeking to go with time. Read more…


Microsoft SQL Server: A Useful Technology for Businesses to Persist

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Author: Amit Kataria

Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL Server) is a significant development in the information technology sector. Developed by Microsoft, it is a relational database management system that is currently being used by various businesses. The primary function of this system is to store and retrieve data as asked by other software applications. These applications can be on the same computer or another machine that are connected through a common network, including the Internet.

Microsoft has developed several versions of Microsoft SQL Server that are meant for different audience as per their business size and nature. There are two primary query languages of MS SQL – T-SQL and ANSI SQL. Read more…


Welcome to my World

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My name is Maxime Gourjon; I am a French IT professional, currently living in Beijing, China.
I have lived and worked with people from all walks of life in France, Bulgaria, Ireland, Great Britain, Singapore, and China.
I am a Prince2 Practitioner Certified Project Manager with an outstanding track record in designing, developing, and deploying full scale IT Solutions for large and medium-sized companies. I am now working for a French company in Beijing, as a Regional IT Service Delivery Manager, in charge of IT field services and support in Asia Pacific.

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